Who We Are

Community Network Services has been providing services in East TN since 1997.  At CNS, we are committed to people and we are committed to excellence. We have been designated as a 4 star ISC agency in East TN, the highest quality assurance rating a service provider can earn.

We have team members throughout East Tennessee communities, while providing support to our ISC's from our Knoxville office location. We are staffed with qualified ISCs who can help people connect to the supports and services they need. We do more than give the people we serve an ISC though. We give them a support team! We think ISCs should be able to focus on the people they serve without getting bogged down with paperwork.

We have a team of specialists who handle many of the time consuming administrative tasks for our ISCs. Our management team is also involved in providing supports to our ISCs and is always available to the people and families we serve. To reach a member of our management team please click the button below.

Corporate Operations
1600 Breda Drive
Knoxville, TN 37918
(865) 588-3449
What We Do

Community Network Services provides Independent Support Coordination to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We work with people and their families to make sure that they are getting the services they need to have good, healthy and safe lives at home and in the community.

We give people information about the services available to them, help people make choices about the supports they need and help people decide how the services will be provided. We help people get funding for services and we help find natural supports and resources when traditional funding isn't available. We help people get involved with activities that are important to them and connect with others as valued members of their community.

CNS advocates for people to help them exercise their rights and express their wants, needs and choices as they deal with service providers and governmental agencies.

Helping People Get Better Lives

Community Network Services is committed to Person Centered Practices.
Our ISCs complete Person Centered Thinking as part of their training and use person centered tools to identify problems and create solutions for the people they support. We use a Person Centered Individual Support Plan to develop plans that reflect the people we serve and to help them get better lives.

CNS also actively participates in the Good 2 Great initiative in East TN, partnering with local providers to make positive changes about how we work together to support people.

OSCAR - Support Coordination Software

OSCAR is our web based case management software that lets ISCs and case managers focus on people instead of paper. OSCAR was developed internally by our employees for our employees. We designed OSCAR from the ground up with emphasis on making the case management function as paperless, automated, and quality driven as possible.
  • Eliminates redundant data entry
  • Immediate access to electronic health records
  • Real time data
  • Builds in quality and compliance at every level
  • Helps deter and detect falsification of documentation
  • Loaded with powerful supervision tools
  • Automated metrics reports
Who We Are
What We Do
Helping People Get Better Lives
OSCAR - Support Coordination Software
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